Music | Interview | Neil Jarvis of Sprinters

Words: Kieran Webber  |  Image: Stuart Glover

If it wasn’t stated that these guys are from Manchester, UK it would be easy to believe that these guys come from West Coast America, the surfy – laid back vibe of their music is a delight and massages the ears softly.

We spoke to Neil Jarvis frontman of Sprinters to get to know more about their influences and life in a band.

1. First off as a Cornish lad who hasn’t gone past London how can you explain Manchester to me and what is her music scene like?

It’s a lively place with a lot going on like most cities, but there’s an undercurrent you can get locked into and that’s one of the best things about the place. I’ve only lived here just under 2 years but feel a part of it. There’s a lot of likeminded people who go to out to the same places and a lot of great local bands coming out all the time. There’s always good gigs being put on here. It’s definitely a nostalgic place to me.

2. Personally where do you draw influence from for your music?

Bands like The Replacements, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Real Estate, The Feelies,  Neil Young.. But I’m into all kinds of stuff.

3. Are there any key figures in your life that lead to you doing music?

My mate Brendan plays under the name Oleary1599 and is consistently making music. He’s probably got over a hundred albums to his name. Really eclectic/insane stuff. We’ve made a few albums together, and working on stuff now. He put me on to the persuasion of being as prolific as possible.

“When I started I just wanted to make feel good summery music. Living in the north of England, I’m interested in escapism”

4. The sound that you have created was it something that came natural or did you aim for it?

I’ve been in quite a few bands and tried different styles. I spent a while figuring out what kind of music I wanted to make it. This sound i’m doing comes natural to me and doesn’t feel contrived, I’m into a lot of nostalgic guitar music.

5. When listening to your music it gives one the imagery of beaches, waves and coastline is this something you agree on and why do you think it is?

Yes I’d say so. When I started I just wanted to make feel good summery music. Living in the north of England, I’m interested in escapism. I could never be like mark e smith and write songs about the north. I’m influenced by a lot of American bands and this probably has an effect.

6. What are your top 5 records out this year?

Alex G – Trick
Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra
Twerps – Range Anxiety
Sun Curves – Glades
Mac DeMarco – Another One

7. Musicians talk about how special live shows can be explain to us why you think this ?

I think if you really like a band, there’s a lot of expectation when seeing them live and when they deliver, it’s great.

8. What is your opinion on the music industry of today and does it hold as much weight as it used to?

I don’t really think too much about it. I make music for fun, and don’t pay much attention. Most of the labels I follow are small independent ones. A lot more people are doing it by themselves now and it’s much better that way.

9. Could it be argued that people are starting to look underground for real music?

I hope so. All of the stuff in the charts is terrible. I think soundcloud is great for bands getting heard.

10. What is in the pipeline for Sprinters?

Our next show is supporting ‘La Luz’ at The Eagle Inn in Salford on the 14th of Oct. Blak Hand Records is releasing one of our songs on their upcoming cassette for cassette store day (the 14th too) And we’re currently recording an album. I’ve put out a few albums under my own name on cassettes over the past few years. Everything was recorded by myself on 4 track. We’re getting some of those songs down properly, along with some new ones. We hope to have it finished for Christmas.

Kieran Webber

Journalism graduate based in Newquay, Cornwall. My project Clunk Magazine covers surf, Music, Art, skate and Lifestyle. In time we hope to integrate with as many artistic and creative people as possible making an online hub for creativeness, surfing and lifestyle, something I feel that accompanies the other.

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