News | Surf Snowdonia Forced Into Early Closure


By Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

Much like the entire summer period in Newquay, the waves have gone flat at the Surf Snowdonia lagoon in Wales.

The facility has been forced to stop its wave making wizardry for the third time since it opened on August 1st, and it sounds like this latest issue will cause a longer closure.

According to the BBC, the lagoon has been shut down for the winter with sixty seasonal workers having their contracts ended early, and eight permanent staff losing their jobs.

Surf Snowdonia is owned by the Ainscough Group, and its chairman Martin Ainscough is obviously disappointed by the news. He said:

“This is a very disappointing day for us all at Surf Snowdonia, and we know it’s especially difficult for our excellent staff and for all of the people who have booked to come surfing with us.

“During the winter closure period we will be making further investment in order to improve the surf lagoon and broaden our offer.

“Surf Snowdonia was always intended as a long term investment in our group and our extra investment over the winter will prove our absolute commitment to make Surf Snowdonia a success.”

It comes at a pretty poor time for the facility having recently played host to a hugely popular and successful Red Bull event held there. It could be argued that problems are to be expected with an operation on the scale of Snowdonia, and hopefully these issues are simply part of its growing pains.

The wave lagoon should be functioning again by next spring but it’s almost fitting for surfing in the UK…even the artificial waves go flat!


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