10 Heroes and Villains We Would Like To See In Star Wars Battlefront

By Kieran Webber

If like me you have been playing Star Wars Battlefront since Day 1 then you have been eagerly awaiting new maps, characters and weapons, we have at last had news on what the first DLC dubbed ‘Outer Rim’ which sees two new maps added, 5 new weapons and 2 new heroes.

There is been mixed reaction to the announcement of the two new heroes Greedo and Nien Nunb, personally I think they are acceptable as I appreciate less significant characters getting some limelight but it still isn’t enough to get me to buy the over expensive season pass.

We thought that there would be no better time to create a wishlist if you will of characters we would like to play as in Star Wars Battlefront, it is worth noting that Star Wars Battlefront will only feature maps and characters from the original trilogy.

Lando Calrissian 

We are still hoping for a Cloud City DLC in which the charismatic Lando will be a playable hero for the rebel side.















It goes without saying that Chewbacca should be in this game, due to him being such a vital part of the Star Wars story. This is one character that we can expect to see in the game as you can hear him in the Millennium Falcon.

Old Ben Kenobi 

We are hoping for a Death Star DLC, no praying for it. Imagine running around the Death Star as Old Ben fighting your way to the tractor beam controls.












Grand Moff Tarkin 

Another character that we feel would make a great addition to a Death Star DLC.











Wedge Antilles 

The talented pilot from Corellia and respected pilot of Rogue Squadron. He would make the perfect addition to the Hoth Maps and potential Death Star Maps.













We feel that if the Dagobah maps were added then Yoda would have to be a guaranteed hero. Along with a re skin of Luke Skywalker.












The deadly bounty hunter part of the Boba Fett syndicate who specialises at killing wookies a potential playable character for a Kashyyyk DLC?












The overlooked and underrated IG-88 would make a great addition to the villains arsenal.












Dr. Cornelius Evazan 

The infamous villain from the cantina scene would be a great character to play on a potential Mos Eisley map.













Another bounty hunter that was hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo and like his friends underrated and rarely shown in the films. It would be epic to run around as this guy! 






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