Star Wars Battlefront DLC Is It Worth The Cost?

By Kieran Webber

The much anticipated gameplay trailer for the ‘Outer Rim’ DLC has finally arrived and it has managed to exceed my expectations, although somewhat skeptical about the chosen heroes Greedo and Nien Nunb the trailer has but that at complete rest.

The new maps also look very entertaining as is the introduction of the new weaponry, but it still begs the question will I give in and buy the Season Pass? Every inch of my body wants to play the ‘Outer Rim’ DLC especially now after watching the trailer but is it really fair to have to pay extra money to have access to the finished game?

These are questions I can imagine a lot of gamers are asking themselves right now, essentially what EA and DICE have done is hold back on releasing a full game to reap as much reward from the Star Wars franchise as they possibly can.

I can’t blame them for it though, when something as lucrative as Star Wars lands in your lap you’re not going to try and make every penny you can possible out of something you know is guaranteed to make money.

As a gamer I really do not want to buy into the expensive Season Pass that is £40 for what should have already been included in the game, but as a Star Wars fan I literally want nothing more right now than to run around Jabba’s palace as Greedo blasting people away.

It is a predicament that most fans of Star Wars and the game have found themselves in and one that eventually we will all have to face, like most I will end up crumbling and buy the Season Pass but that doesn’t make it right.

Watch the Trailer here:


What are your opinions on the DLC and Season Pass charge? We would love to hear your voices! 


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