Music | Interview | Janine Of Vukovi

By Kieran Webber

What started out as a casual band practise quickly turned into serious rock n roll conquest, it didn’t take long for people to take notice of the Rising Scottish outfit due to their explosive sound and infectious riffs complemented by the raw yet harmonizing vocals from Janine Shilstone.

Watch : Behind the scenes for ‘Animal’ Video

This year has been a busy one for the band due to the release of their single ‘Animal’ via Lab records, release of their debut record later this year as well as being booked for an array of shows including Download and Camden Rocks.

We were fortunate enough to get a chat with lead singer Janine Shilstone about how Vukovi came to be and what to expect from their debut release.

CLUNK : How are you all and what have you all been up to? Anything interesting?

Janine :  It’s been a busy year and too much good shit to list it all, but some of our highlights would have to be supporting Young Guns, Mallory Knox and Nothing But Thieves. Getting B-listed on MTV Rocks, booked to play Download, presented two of our shows for Scuzz, and we got our first spin on Annie Mac, which was a big deal for us. The list really does go on and we’ve loved every minute of it.

CLUNK : How did you all meet and at what point did you decide to start making music?

Janine : The boys were in a band called Wolves, but things weren’t working with the current singer so our old drummer, who I went to school with, messaged me on Facebook asking if I fancied coming along for a jam. So I went along and we instantly clicked, musically and personality wise too. We wrote a couple of songs, recorded one of them and the next thing we knew it was getting played on Radio 1. At that point we thought “maybe we should take this more seriously?”

CLUNK : Your music has a real explosive element, so I can imagine your live shows get wild! Has anything in particular happened at gigs that has stood out?

Janine : One of my favourite moments was in Sheffield – I brought a water gun on stage and started spraying the crowd at the end and accidentally sprayed the venues £24,000 sound desk, much to the venue managers delight (it went up by 5 grand every time he mentioned it). Since that incident they’ve put Perspex around it, probably to keep any other clowns from destroying it. We also had a this amazing American girl who danced beautifully with glow sticks at a show and I got the crowd to stand around her, was a pretty special moment.

“We wrote a couple of songs, recorded one of them and the next thing we knew it was getting played on Radio 1”

CLUNK : Do you have any particular artists, or people, that inspire or influence your music and direction?

Janine : We all have a very wide range of influences, from Rage Against the Machine to Florence and the Machine , incubus, BMTH, Funeral for a friend, PJ Harvey, Stevie Nicks.

CLUNK : Your latest single ‘Animal’ is an incredible example of what rock music should sound like and the video is seeping with attitude, what was the influence behind the song and the video?

Janine : Animal is all about karma and the animalistic qualities of it. Once you’re on its wanted list there’s no escaping it. It’s a feisty, energetic and powerful song to us, which I think musically reflects well with the meaning of it. Video-wise we wanted to look quite demonic, and we’re all massive fans of Wes Borland, what more can you ask for in a video?! 

“One of my favourite moments was in Sheffield – I brought a water gun on stage and started spraying the crowd at the end and accidentally sprayed the venues £24,000 sound desk”

CLUNK : How would you explain Vukovi?

Janine : Riff Pop fun?

CLUNK : How did the name Vukovi come about and why was it chosen?

Janine:  It sort of just clicked with us and when we got around to changing the name Jason (bass) typed wolves into google translate and Vukovi stood out. It means wolves in Serbian.

CLUNK : Your debut album is expected later this year, what can we expect from it and are you excited for its release?

Janine: We want it to be fun, powerful, true to our sound and to show our fans how far we’ve come in these past 5 years. 

CLUNK : What are your top 5 records (so far)?

I hate these questions because I always think of better ones afterwards!

Royal Blood – Out of the Black
BMTH – Happy Song
RATM – Year of the Boomerang
Guns and Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
Limp Bizkit- Rollin

CLUNK: Are there any particular artists that you feel are really pushing the boundaries of late?

Janine : We’ve all really taken a shine to Bring me the Horizon. They produce and write all their own stuff and it’s just so powerful and emotional, it’s got that metal element but crosses over so many genres that I’m not surprised they’re taking over the world, and quite rightly deserved. 

CLUNK : What can we expect from Vukovi in the future?

Janine : I’d like to be realistic and say a successful first album but I won’t be happy until we get world domination. A girl can dream, right?



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