Introducing | 1955

By Kieran Webber

Today, with great pleasure I introduce to you the energetic and contagious Indie band 1955 that screams influence from early Strokes with their power pop ballads and snappy song writing.

Lead singer Sasha Papadin not only brings forward his talent to the band, but has a cinematic romance about his upbringing.

His father, renowned Russian poet and dissident Valentin Papadin, defected from Soviet Russia at the height of the Cold War and escaped to the UK with Sasha’s mother, a young English woman who had met him while travelling.

After being swept from country to country, as his parents followed English-teaching jobs across Europe, the Papadins’ journey finally landed them in San Francisco. Flash forward to 2012, Sasha and a group of musicians gathered for late-night sessions and crafted what would become the signature 1955 sound: lean tight songs with a cinematic sweep to them, propelled by a stripped down garage rock vibe and an unbridled live energy.

It didn’t take long for their shows started filling up with more than just friends, through their sound and hard work they had built up a following.

Their latest track ‘How’d You Come Here’ is a swaggering jam that brings forward visions of sandy toes, palm trees and sunshine.

Listen here: