Music | JPNSGRLS Announce New Album & Share Unique Video For ‘Oh My God’

By Kieran Webber

Canadian four-piece JPNSGRLS have announced the release of their second album ‘Divorce’ out on 22 July via Light Organ Records. To mark the album announcement, JPNSGRLS have released a special video for album track ‘Oh My God.’ Produced by Brass Tracks Films, the video stars the band and was shot live, on one camera and in one take.

Their sound is reminiscent of Biffy Clyro mixed with the Arctic Monkeys, carrying their thumping riffs and fierce percussion, not to mention the bands ability to create infectious rock numbers.

‘Oh My God’ is a shining example of the bands strongest elements in one track, expect a thunderous riff and an addictive lure that will have you playing the song on repeat.

Listen/watch here:

Album Artwork & Tracklist:

Pre-order here

1. Oh My God

2. 2. The Girl From A Different Dimension

3. 3. Trojan House

4. 4. Bully For You

5. 5. A Comprehensive List Of Things I Love

6. 6. Circus

7. 7. 2009

8. 8. Holding Back

9. 9. Gap Year

10. 10. All Of Myself

11. 11. 19 Pound Baby


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