Music | News | Ben Chatwin Announces New Album & Shares New track ‘Inflexion’

By Kieran Webber

Edinburgh-based composer Ben Chatwin is set to release his latest album ‘Heat & Antropy’ July 29th via Badbabing Records, and marks a new chapter for the Scottish artist.

The latest track ‘Inflexion’ acts as the first taste into the album and is also the opening track, the song includes an instrument all but forgotten, 19th century created dulcitone a keyboard of sorts that hits turning forks with felt hammers. Imagine a music box being spun if you will. ‘Inflexion’ acts as a beautiful introduction the artist and the upcoming album with its unique take on electronica, blending in atmospheric beats with a haunting soundscape.

Listen here:

Album Artwork & Tracklist:


1. Inflexion
2. Gravitational Bodies
3. Standing Waves
4. Phantom Lights
5. Oscillations
6. The Kraken
7. Surface Tension
8. Euclidean Plane
9. Corpseways


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