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By Kieran Webber

Silverfield are a ferocious onslaught of fiery garage rock concording out of Herefordshire and are soon to make a huge dent in the UK music scene. Their latest single ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ is but an example of their infectious and gritty sounds that pulsate out of the speakers.

We are hooked on them at the moment and cannot wait for their debut release so we chased them down and had a chat with the band.

CLUNK : First of all I want to thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions, how are you and what have you been up to lately?

Ellie : We’re doing great! We’ve just released our first single, Sticky Fingered Boy and we’re currently planning the recording of our EP and a little tour in July! Very Exciting stuff.

CLUNK : I feel it would be best to start from the beginning, so how did you guys meet and at what point did you decide to make music together?

Chris : I met Dan when I was about 5 years old and I’ve known him ever since, I met Ellie about 5 years ago, Joe about the same. Originally the lineup was completely different, it was just Ellie and I and two others who left. I kind of brought Joe and Dan in for a first practice and we all gelled and it was pretty great.

CLUNK : Did you have an idea of the sound you all wanted to create or did it form naturally?

Dan : Well we are all into extremely different styles of music, we had a rough guide line that we were going to stick to and just went from there.

Ellie : I think we definitely had ideas individually but it changed a lot from just actually writing together. We started with the intention of being a pretty emo/shoegazey band but things have moved on a bit from there!

Joe : Once we’ve got a chord structure or riff down we all start adding our own spin onto parts and I feel like that makes us what we are, none of us are thinking “oh I won’t do that, it doesn’t fit our genre” we just do what feels right.

CLUNK : You hooked up with Homebird Records for the release of ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’, how did that come about?

Chris : Literally Will (the guy from Homebird) just messaged me on Facebook and asked if we wanted to be a part of Homebird, it was proper nice to get offered that kind of opportunity so early on!

CLUNK : What is the influence behind ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’?

Chris : I wrote the riff bloody ages ago because I wanted to write a song that sounded like Milk Teeth (back when I first found them). The rest came from jamming it out a lot.

Ellie : We wrote the music more or less collectively (off Chris’s riff) but I wrote the lyrics/ melody. Lots of my friends have had heated debates about who the sticky fingered boy is and what it means. Some people have thought it means theft, some think it’s a kind of sexual thing, some think it’s a Stone Roses reference. I think the lyric from (Song for my) Sugar Spun Sister is one that plays on my mind quite a lot –“The candy floss girl/ The sticky fingered boy”- but it’s not a direct reference. I mean, you could get pretty pretentious about what the song means, but to me it’s just about being mad about someone; a sticky-sweet fakeness and clinginess that I want to escape. That and it’s good to dance about to.

“Literally Will (the guy from Homebird) just messaged me on Facebook and asked if we wanted to be a part of Homebird, it was proper nice to get offered that kind of opportunity so early on!”

CLUNK : Do you write your music collectively or does one member tend to take the lead?

Ellie : It’s quite variable. Some songs have been fully written before we get in the rehearsal room (like Chris wrote Flower and I wrote Nothing When ur in Love) but some start off with a riff someone’s been playing around with that we develop collectively. Usually it’s me or Chris who writes the lyrics.

CLUNK : If you could tour with any band who would it be and why?

Chris : In an ideal world Slowdive. I fucking love Slowdive. Or more realistically Allusondrugs, I hope that happens.

Dan : I’m probably stand out from the rest of the guys and say Periphery, Black Stone Cherry, Skindred, Limp Bizkit and maybe Motorhead (if they were still going) because why not.

Ellie : Heck, The Front Bottoms or Modern Baseball seem like they would be really fun to tour with.

CLUNK : Is there anything that you couldn’t live without?

Chris : For me it’s Spotify or some kind of access to music when I’m not at home.

Joe : As cheesy and obvious as it is, my bass. I’d probably go into a meltdown if I couldn’t pick that up daily.

Ellie : My jag, chocolate and maybe cats, I love cats.

Dan : Not really, I’m a pretty laid back guy and I’d learn to deal with any situation that comes around. I suppose if there had to be some things I couldn’t live without then that would be Oxygen, Food and Drink.

Chris : Dan, you’re not laid back when you’re driving mate!

“Lots of my friends have had heated debates about who the sticky fingered boy is and what it means. Some people have thought it means theft, some think it’s a kind of sexual thing, some think it’s a Stone Roses reference”

CLUNK : Is there any artists that infuenced you particularly, if so who and why?

Chris : Milk Teeth a bit, not so much in the more recent stuff I’ve been writing/pitching to the others. I write a lot of fuzzy shoegazey-type stuff at the moment, which I don’t know if we’ll ever use but hey.

Dan : Motorhead and Black Sabbath because back then being in a band was a real struggle because they didn’t have the help of social media and the Internet. So that really showed commitment.

Joe : I think playing wise, it’s gotta be Les Claypool and John Myung, two amazing and out there players. Songwriting I’d have to say Jamie Lenman of Reuben, too good for words.”

Ellie : For me- Sleater Kinney, Wolf Alice, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a lot of Britpop artists, Modern Baseball, and The Smiths I guess. Bit of a weird mix, I just think they’re all very good songwriters in different ways. They’ve all got this fab energy.

CLUNK : What are you 5 most played records this year?

Chris : Peripheral Vision by Turnover, Ours Is Chrome by Superheaven, Perpetual Motion People by Ezra Furman, Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys and Loveless by My Bloody Valentine.

Joe : Maps of Non-Existent Places by Thank You, Scientist, Bloom by Caligula’s Horse, Racecar is Racecar Backwards by Reuben, Volition by Protest the Hero and The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Dan : Black Stone Cherry – Kentucy, Beartooth – Sick and Disgusting, Motorhead – Motorizer, Bring me the horizon – That’s the spirit, and finally Periphery – Alpha and Omega.

Ellie : Probably: Parklife- Blur, 2- Mac DeMarco, Dry- PJ Harvey, Art Angels- Grimes and Back On Top- The Front Bottoms.

CLUNK : What are you most excited for this year?

Dan : Finding Dory to come out in cinemas.

CLUNK : Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future?

Dan : Who knows what the future entails but I’d say that us should hopefully have some more music out and videos. More gigs and just having an amazing time with some amazing people no matter what the outcome.

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