Watch Dogs 2 May Not Actually Suck

By Kieran Webber

When I first heard news of a sequel to Watch Dogs I was pretty pessimistic to say the least, I was confused and upset that Ubisoft (along with other big game developers *Cough* Activision) had decided to ignore what the consumer wanted and was to force feed us more of their bullshit.

Lets all be real for a second, Watch Dogs was pure shit, like really really bad. It was a boring conquest through Chicago that consisted of hacking traffic lights and security cameras, the combat was plain and the story line was not gripping. It felt like they just had re skinned Assassins Creed, put simply it was dull and lacked innovation.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 19.33.36.png

However, with this said the initial idea was sound and if done right could have been an enjoyable experience, in many ways they were unlucky that GTA 5 came out about the same time. The idea of hacking your way through a dystopian future is one that a lot of gamers have fantasised about but have yet to properly enjoy in a video game, a lot of games try to implement hacking elements (see Mass Effect, Crysis) but no one has perfected it yet.

So as you can imagine I was not pumped to hear of a sequel to a game that essentially belly flopped nude into the vast pool of eager gamers, but the reveal trailer actually was very impressive and I must admit I am on board for this game. I feel that it actually may not be total shit, in fact I feel it may be a really good game. It is as if Ubisoft have looked at what elements worked and those that didn’t to craft a near perfect balance between fun and storyline.

The success of the TV series Mr. Robot has probably played a huge part in influencing the game and its eagerly waiting audience. Check the reveal trailer and see what you think? Are we right? or are we just grumpy? You decide.



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