Music | Review | Bosco Rogers – Post Exotic

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Out July 8th via Bleepmachine

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Following two successful EP releases the Franco-Anglo partnership of Barthélémy ‘Barth’ Corbelet and Delphinius ‘Del’ Vargas have pushed forward with their debut LP ‘Post Exotic’.

I can’t help feel that this album was designed to grab the listener by the sensitive areas, grabbing your attention and pulling you in with flirtatious sounds. If this album was a room it would have mod memorabilia littered all around and sofas full of dissociated youth drinking beers and loving one another. They have been likened to the 60’s flower power sound, which is evident through their style, but there is more power in their music than that statement suggests.

Yes, it clearly carries a strong influence from the 60’s, but it is so much more than just a walk down memory lane. They are very much their own band and very much the masters of their own sound – their confidence is bursting through their music.

‘Post Exotic’ opens with the fast pace and electrifying ‘Anvers’, a track that forces your body to shake and move. This is followed by the fuzzed-out, bongo-driven ‘Beach! Beach! Beach!’, a track that encapsulates the band’s sleazy blues rock vibes.

But the album takes the listener by surprise at times, the blues rock aspect takes a backseat and the beat-heavy, electronic-infused rock numbers take control, examples of this being ‘Googoo’ and ‘Licky Licky Lick’.

As a whole, the album is filled to the brim with fantastic riffs, hard beats and a unique blend of early 90’s indie, infused with the psychedelic prowess of the 60’s. It creates for an interesting listen; through the album you will hear snippets of artists such as The Who, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Gorillaz, and more but as previously mentioned this is very much Bosco Rogers’ work. This debut LP will act as a springboard for the duo and will hopefully launch them onto bigger and better things.