Music | Interview | Quiet the Pilot

By Kieran Webber

We live in the information age, which admittedly has its downsides but also has many positives. As a species we have never been more connected, at the click of the button I can discover an artist from the other side of the world, hear music that without the internet would probably never graced my ears.

This is how I discovered Quiet the Pilot, I stumbled across his music and the next thing we know we are exchanging messages which ultimately ended in this interview. His music floats within the singer songwriter/folk genre having a similiar sound to the great Neil Young.

CLUNK: So best to start at the beginning, why did you start making music and why?

Ryan: Started making music at about 10 years old when I was offered piano lessons at school.. My parents bought me an old beat up piano and that’s where I started writing my first little songs.

CLUNK: Have you played in any other previous bands prior to your Quiet The Pilot project?

Ryan: Yes I do play in another band currently called The Perx.. I’ve played in many bands but I can’t remember¬†¬†the names.

CLUNK: Do you have any influences when it comes to your music if so who and why?

Ryan: I look for simplicity and melody.. Bands like The Growlers, Grandaddy, Nirvana , Bradley Nowell and The Beach Boys even!!

CLUNK: Is your song writing based off real experiences or do you take more of a storyteller vibe?

Ryan: Most of my songs are a stretched reality of my experiences living in California..the good , the bad and the bizarre. 

CLUNK: How is life in California, as someone from Britain I can only go on stories I have been told and what I am shown through the media. I am curious to know first hand what life is like in what a lot of people consider the greatest place to live?

Ryan: California is great! The Beach The Desert and The mountains are all within a short drive… But in between those different climates are many many mini subcultures…you can be anyone you want here every couple hours.

CLUNK:  Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with (alive or dead) who and why?

Ryan: I’d like to collaborate with Kanye West or Danger Mouse. Who ever calls first.¬† I love Danger Mouses production with Broken Bells and Portugal The Man… And I love Kanye West’s new shoes.

CLUNK: I feel that the way the world is at the moment in term of politics, it is only natural we slip one in especially as the whole world is biting their fingernails in regards to America’s presidential election. What is your take on the current political situation of America and what is your opinion on the controversial Trump?
Ryan: Ha good question! I don’t have television at my house so whatever political news I hear is either online or word of mouth.¬† I’d say give Trump a shot at it… I think Saturday Night Live will have more fun mocking him…
CLUNK: Now back to yourself, apart from music what other creative outputs do you have?

Ryan: I love art. I love skateboarding and surfing… All which I feel are great creative outlets.

CLUNK: You have a fair amount of tattoos, would you be kind enough to explain them to us and the stories behind them?

Ryan: My knuckles say ” WHAT NUBS” because I’m missing 3 fingers.¬† Most of my tattoos are sarcastic or skateboard related . I started skateboarding at 5.

CLUNK:¬†What are 5 things in your life you couldn’t live without and why?

1. My little kids 2. My wife 3. Water 4. My guitar 5. Siracha Sauce

CLUNK: lastly, what can we expect from you in the future?

Ryan: The Future?? ¬†I have like a million more songs to record… I hope to re record them at Danger Mouse’ house… As soon as he calls.