What On Earth Is The King Arthur Trailer

By Kieran Webber

Late this week saw a whole batch of trailers released, from the much anticipated Justice League to Wonder Woman (at last). Each of these mentioned films look pretty damn good in their own right and it appears some thought may have gone into them.

That said, a trailer that was released for the latest Guy Ritchie project King Arthur left me somewhat confused and even a little bit annoyed. This man is a critically acclaimed director who has made cult classics such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to action packed blockbuster Sherlock Holmes. In theory he should be able to nail such a film as there are few directors able to capture what it is to be British as well as he, films like Snatch encapsulate the London underground perfectly, Sherlock Holmes brings us close to the Victorian times (albeit somewhat fantasy driven). The latest trailer for King Arthur felt like he was trying to over do it, King Arthur is a cheeky chappy from ‘the streets, born to be king’ and oh and behold giant war elephants.. WHAT? WHY?

Also King Arthur for some reason knows martial arts, I mean I am no historian but I am pretty sure he wouldn’t have known how to fight like an armored Bruce Lee. You know a film is going to be bad when Monty Python’s The Holy Grail is going to be a more realistic version of the King Arthur tale.

Watch it here and make your own mind up:



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