10 things that happened this week which people deemed worthy enough to Tweet about

By Adam Guy

We all know that, as well as being the source of all knowledge, the internet is a haven of balanced debate and well researched intellectual discourse. So with this in mind here are 10 of things people have been sharing, Tweeting and discussing this week.

10. Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Achieved Something.
Remember way back in the summer of 2014 when everyone was uploading videos of themselves throwing ice water over their heads? Well the $100 or so million that was raised as a direct result enabled the ALS association to finance key research which in tern helped them identify a new gene associated with the disease, which could potentially lead to the creation of new types of treatment. Cue everyone on social media feeling smug.

9. Dog Reacts To Middle Finger.
It’s literally just a video of a dog that has clearly been trained to respond to being flipped off, but people seem to love this kind of shit.

8. Celebrities Endorse Hillary Through The Medium Of Song.
Now that Hillary Clinton is officially the only thing between Donald Trump and the most powerful job on earth, a bunch of famous Democrats have decided the best way to show their support is by appearing in a slightly cringe worthy video of them singing an a cappella version of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.

7. People Don’t Play McDonald’s Game Right.
The official McDonald’s website in New Zealand launched an interactive campaign which allowed people to use the site to design and name their own burgers. Obviously it didn’t take long for people to get creative, and with names like Pound My Behind Daddy, and Girth (a burger consisting of nothing but 7 beef patties stacked on top of each other) it isn’t that much of a surprise that the campaign barely lasted one day before being removed.

6. Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian’s Beef Continues To Escalate To Apocalyptic Levels.
Taylor Swift’s transformation from everyone’s favourite girl next door to devious man hungry super bitch now seems complete. The tabloids are currently full of pictures of her off gallivanting with her new man, as well as stories of her being called out as a “False Feminist”. Meanwhile the usually reserved Kanye West has taken to the stage at a Drake concert in Chicago to declare “All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat” in reference a disagreement regarding whether or not Taylor gave her permission for him to use the line “I made that bitch famous” in a song from The Life of Pablo.

5.The World Is Still Racist.
In this video a 19 year old at a bus station in Brisbane is getting told to go back to his own country by an older Australian woman who’s off camera. Unfortunately for her she didn’t actually take the time to find out what country he was from before abusing him. The interesting twist is that in return the young man calmly asks her to rationally explain her view, which she obviously isn’t particularly good at.

4. Woman Dies From Tiger Attack in China.
During a trip to a drive through Beijing safari park a woman got out of her car after apparently having an argument with her husband. Surveillance footage then shows her getting dragged away by a tiger. Her mother and husband get out of the car to try and help, and although the woman escapes it’s reported that her mother died. With this in mind it makes the footage a little hard to watch, but that hasn’t stopped 11 million people watching one news sites upload.

3. Bill Clinton Really, Really Likes Balloons
Back to the US elections and this time it’s former President, and husband of potential future President, Bill Clinton who’s making the news. Much more interesting than endless stories of leaked emails is Bill’s (and Hillary’s, but mostly Bill’s) genuine looks of delight and wonder at the cascade of red, white and blue balloons majestically falling from the sky at the end of the Democratic National Convention. Small things.

2. YouTuber Sparks International Concern.
Marina Joyce is a British vlogger who posts fashion and make-up tutorials. She’s been getting a huge amount of attention this week because in a recent video she uploaded called Date Outfit Ideas, she seems a little spaced out and has some noticeable bruising on her arms. This has led the entire internet to speculate about abuse, kidnappings and involuntary drugging to the point where the video currently has more than 20 million views and the hashtag #savemarinajoyce become a global Twitter trend. Any attempt she’s made to calm concerns since posting the video, including an interview with Philip DeFranco and uploading a new video of her own called Facts About Me, seems to just be adding to peoples interest. It’s an unusual and potentially worrying story, but with situations like this it’s hard to know what constitutes genuine concern or what level of interest is just down to peoples morbid fascination with creating dark narratives and conspiracy theories.

1. Pokemon Go Is Still The Biggest Thing Ever.
Pokémon Go is obviously still taking the world by storm for some reason, and the internet is still full of ridiculous things that have happened as a result, like flash mobs and angry landowners shooting hapless Pokémon training trespassers. This weeks hot news is that a man claiming to be the first to catch all the Pokémon in the UK managed to loose two stone of weight in the process.



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