Music | Review | Queen Giza – Machine Master Demon Dream

MMDD (1).jpg

Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

For the past 5 years I have found myself deeply into the wave of psychedelic-freak out punk that has swept its way to our shores, the cataclysmic sounds and near deafening levels of fuzz are elements I find most attractive.

Bands such as Thee Oh Sees, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and Coachwhips have all but dominated my ears, and as my journey through this genre continues I stumble across reverb laden freakazoids one said band being the Brooklyn based Queen Giza.

Queen Giza‘s latest album ‘Machine Master Demon Dream’ has everything you would expect from a band that dabble in this particular sound, from the everlasting riffs that take you into another dimension to the far out album artwork.

The album opens with the energetic ‘Flesh & Grease’ a no bars held psych out that carried by a reverb laden and bouncy riff, one so infectious it is almost impossible to sit still too. This energy takes many shapes through the album and is harnessed in many different ways, following track ‘Magnet Control’ continues the relentless intensity but moves away from the playfulness.

The album has many tones, most of them torturous or dark carrying a sense of foreboding fear but one that you find relishing in, succumbing to the deathly riffs and edgy screeches that bounce between the reverb, tracks such as ‘Delta Wave’ and ‘Plague Spindles’ not to mention the horrifying ‘Theta Rhythm’.

As a whole the album provides all that you expect and more from a psych explosion album by a band that explains themselves as “evil robot psych garage rock”. It is covered in reverb laden riffs and far out tangents that appear to have no end in sight, taking you down a dark and tormented road. Put simply if you are looking to get your fix of freak out psych rock then this album provides that with masterful ease.