Review | Grieving – ‘Demonstrations’ EP


Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 6/10

By Ross Jones

Grieving is an appropriate identification for a band that create the sort of emotionally invested and intense fervour on offer across the group’s latest five tracks. Yet rather than dwell too deeply within a negative undercurrent, the five-piece from Cambridgeshire provoke a fragile yet fighting spirit that is embodied not just through verse but melodically also.

While the distorted minor play on show is familiar, it’s delivered with the sort of endeavour that makes it stand out. The group play within the context of layered delicacy and purely propelled commotion – a welcome spark that offers a different mixture of feeling with each track. What’s missing is a really appealing centre-point, somewhere the group can take their developing compositions and really strike home.

‘Warmest Jets’ is the closest to reaching these levels of quality. It’s apparent within their delivery that their passion is unassailable, frontman James Parrish a compelling personality that proceeds with vigour and exasperation in equal measure. Yet the tracks burrow themselves within melancholic instrumental without truly kicking into that response that almost is on offer.

An unquestionably good effort, ‘Demonstrations’ nearly bridges the appeal of relatable empathy and instrumental expression. With this, the group can grow and sharpen their teeth to really sink in.