Interview | Ana Jaks

By Lucie Norton

Falmouth- based illustrator and graphic artist Ana Jaks has been grabbing attention with her bright, fresh, and edgy artworks. With clients ranging from the Financial Times to social media app Yubl, her colourful images act as a much needed tropical holiday from the often grey and dreary British climate.

We had a few words with her.

CLUNK : How long have you been illustrating?

Ana : I started my degree in 2012 but I don’t think I could really get away with saying it has been that long as I pretty much had no idea what I was doing back then. I’m going to go with a year!

CLUNK : Where do you find inspiration?

Ana: A lot of what inspires me just comes from everyday life. I love fashion, homeware, anything that is brightly coloured or highly patterned and people watching. I love buildings a lot too, I don’t know whether that stems from longing to be in a city or what but the geometrics are great to draw.


CLUNK : What have been some major influences for your work?

Ana: Like every other art student in the world  David Hockney and Henri Matisse have been major influences – colour is so important and they were/are both so great at it.  David Shrigley is another one, because I love the humour. What I hated, (although did tend to get caught up in myself) throughout my degree, was this tendency to think that because you are an illustrator what you communicate must be serious, and it must be important, and it must be all consuming and world changing and honestly sometimes I think the best projects are the ones that say something so little that lots of people can relate to – the lighter side of life and focusing on that also influences my work.

CLUNK : David Shrigley is amazing. What upcoming projects are you working on that you are excited about?

Ana : I have about four things in the pipeline that I am so desperate to be confirmed but haven’t just yet. Two of which being brands that I am in love with too – for now I am just sitting tight with my fingers crossed and working on a Where’s Wally type book with a different lead role – which is super fun and for a client who has done books on Kanye West who I am in love with (controversial). I also really want to get stuck into the AOI London Transport brief before the deadline hits!

“Just focus on you, and what you like and it comes naturally. Use social media a lot but don’t rely on it, and don’t get too wrapped up in it, I don’t think it’s great for anyone’s mental health to care about likes”

CLUNK: What music do you like to work to?

Ana :I actually find working to music I love incredibly difficult because I focus more on singing along to the music than drawing so I tend to either just stick the radio on for background noise, or something without words.


CLUNK: What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into illustration/graphic art?

Ana : Don’t constantly look at other people’s styles and think “that works I will do it too” because it’s dumb and you can’t get away, everyone in this industry is constantly looking at other people’s work and if you are too much like someone else it’s so bloody obvious. Just focus on you, and what you like and it comes naturally. Use social media a lot but don’t rely on it, and don’t get too wrapped up in it, I don’t think it’s great for anyone’s mental health to care about likes. Send as many emails as you can and don’t worry about whether they don’t reply, I just want people to remember my name.


CLUNK : What is your workspace like?

Ana: Literally SO non-existent. I miss being in a studio. I have a little yellow desk with a pineapple plant on and some prints dotted around, in my flat by a window. Which is lovely and in all fairness before moving into this flat my workspace was my bed.

Thanks for your time Ana!

If you like Ana’s work and want to see more of it,

you can check out her instagram here :

or her website :


Kieran Webber

Journalism graduate based in Newquay, Cornwall. My project Clunk Magazine covers surf, Music, Art, skate and Lifestyle. In time we hope to integrate with as many artistic and creative people as possible making an online hub for creativeness, surfing and lifestyle, something I feel that accompanies the other.

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