Review | CLAWS – Daydream EP


Rating: 7/10

By Ross Jones

Norwich four-piece Claws create youthfully exuberant fuzz-pop with added bite – the sort that forces you out of bed and outside to shake the despondency off. With their new EP ‘Daydream’, Claws show off their polished knack for a hook whilst still sounding as rattled to say something investing.

Each track on offer is a bouncing pop moment, more than distinguishable in their melodicism. ‘Brainwash’s bubblegum punk  is undoubtedly enjoyable and angsty in its empowering context alongside ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, which skates across its leading bass line. In vocalist Josie Morgan the group have an engaging voice, one who has power not just in delivery but also wordplay – ‘L.O.V.E’s tongue-in-cheek hit on relationships is simple yet clever, Morgan putting adolescence’s changing perceptions on what love is in the focus of interrogation – “How would you define L.O.V.E? / Cause I used to know you so well // but I hate you and you disgust me / I wonder if you feel how I felt ”.

A confident release from an aspiring band, ‘Daydream’ is a pleasingly stand-out release for the group. With this EP, Claws prove they can stand with established names in creating something that captivates whilst being so inherently fun.