Will Varley Announces New Album ‘Kingsdown Sundown’ & Shares Video For ‘To Build A Wall’

By Kieran Webber

Since signing with Xtra Mile Recordings Will has been an unstoppable force, from touring extensively across the UK, playing some the UK’s biggest festivals to releasing his critically acclaimed ‘Postcards To Ursa Minor’. Will has built up a ferocious velocity and is showing no signs of slowing down as he announces his latest release ‘Kingsdown Sundown’, available 4th November.

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Recorded underneath a pub by the sea in Deal, Kent as the waves roared outside, Kingsdown Sundown is a bleak and uncompromising critique of the human condition, journeying deep into our dreams, faults, regrets and politics.

As you’d expect Will’s music is as poignent as ever pointing out society’s biggest faults and bringing forward our own prejudices through the medium of folk. The lead single and opening track ‘To Build A wall’ acts as evidence that his music remains as raw as ever.

Listen/watch here: