Review | Teen Brains – Translucent EP


Out now via Witchgirl Recordings

Rating: 8/10

By Ross Jones

Teen Brains have mingled in the peripheries for a couple of years now, fashioning foundational blocks from considerable support shows with notable acts and stand-out singles that have featured across various compilations. Now at the right place to release their first EP, the group provide evidence of well-nurtured progress, eliminating naive tweaks for something bold, confident and engaging.

‘Translucent’ is a tight cohesion of swimming atmospherics and adventurous characters attempting to define their place in the world. The title tracks balance of gushing vibrancy and sharp noise contrasts its name, only when delved within can it be called gossamer in it’s presentation – and this is not a bad quality. The fact that the group build something of richness makes for a more pleasant listen – ‘In A Haze’ is attentive in its impact of drums and lucid hook, constructing a slow-burning narrative without crafting something monotonic.

While the EP is cast within the romantic reverie for fonder memories amongst a cold faceless present – there is a introspective voice facing that existence within. Through ‘Wash Away’, vocalist Tyler Darrington admits “that’s not who I am” as he battles lingering sleep and pondering whats outside a self-created quarantine – delivering with mild anxiety amongst a lethargy that worries more so than wonders. It’s this lucid expression that makes the group seem more vibrant – rather than completely fall into a penchant for nostalgia, they tackle the dormancy of current life. ‘Isolation’ even embraces such darkness, Darrington finding reminiscent solace in the cold desolation of the present.

With a balance of strong songcraft and an explicitness in verse, ‘Translucent’ paves the way for Teen Brains to become one of the most interesting prospects that can’t be pinned down.