Review | Oddarrang – Agartha


Out now via Edition Records

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The Finnish band have their feet solidly placed in the jazz world, with a jazz album of the year award in their native country as well as a highly regarded appearance at the London Jazz festival in 2012. It is hard to imagine the band releasing an album matchable to the likes of Sigur Ròs and Explosions In The Sky.

However, their latest album ‘Agartha’ not only treads the same terrain as the aforementioned bands it walks it with masterful ease. It is as if the five piece that includes a trombonist and a cellist have been dominating the post rock genre way before this release.

From the ominous beginnings of ‘Aletheia’ to the explosive epic that is ‘Telos Agartha’ you are invited into a world of musical construction that borders on genius. The tension that builds between each song is uncomfrtable but alluring it draws you out of curiosity then blows you skyward, a perfect example of this is ‘Admiral Byrd’s Flight’ a track that starts with a foreboding folk guitar interaction that slowly develops into an ambient synth breakdown only end explosively with intense percussion.

‘Agartha’ is a bold statement from the band and leaves you wondering what they can do next? I think truth be told a band as talented as Oddarrang can do anything they want and it will still be golden.