Review | The Wands – Faces EP


Out now via Fuzz Club Records

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Danish outfit The Wands have already been pinned as one of Europe’s most exciting psychedelic acts and the ‘Faces’ EP solidifies this, by blending surf rock/garage elements and the sounds of 60’s psychedelia they have crafted a powerhouse of lysergic tangents that would make Groundhog weak at the knees.

Starting with the ominous ‘Living The Dream’ the EP warms you up for the psychedelic assault that is let loose on your ears, truly the calm before the storm. Following track ‘Faces’ acts as the start of relentless onslaught, a track oozing in free flowing cool that cascades into a burst of translucent guitars that tears into a mind bending solo. The pace doesn’t find itself dwindling as third track ‘Cosmic Sinners’ continues this ferocious energy, throwing you deep into the whirling chazm of acid rock.

Thankfully The Wands give the listener a break in the form of ‘Out Of Fever’, a slow building psychedelic wall that is almost trance like, it’s meandering riff sways you into a another realm. This sense of uneasy tranquility continues through ‘Between Heavens’ and ‘Outro’ that completes the EP in perfect fashion.

The ‘Faces’ EP is near perfect, across the six tracks you are taken on a meticulously planned adventure, a lot of time and thought went into this and it reflects through not only the flow but the sound also.