Review | The Lucid Dream – Compulsion Songs


Out now via Holy Are You Recordings

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

‘Compulsion Songs’ is the 3rd album from Carlisle’s The Lucid Dream and may just be their best yet, it is a solid wall of whirling guitars and shimmering soundscapes that not only defines psychedlia but also pushes its boundaries. 

Opening with the wavy ‘Bad Texan’ a trance like number that pulls you in and makes you weightless leaving you floating in the ever expanding cosmos whilst following track ‘Stormy Waters’ carries a similar sound to Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Thank You’ with an ethereal krautrock edge, boasting the bands diverse range, a range that is heard through the whole album. But the standout track has to be ‘I’m A Star In My Own Right’ due to its forthright originality, the blend of psychedlia and dub creates a soundscape so wide and ingenious that it is hard not to listen in total awe.

The Lucid Dream are like no other psychedelic band out there at the moment they are reshaping the genre, throwing sounds from all over into a beautifully crafted body of work that is dripped in originality. Although it is clear that there is infuence from the 60’s psych era they have remained very clear of becoming copies or repeats.