Review | Begbie – Riddles EP


Out now via A&R

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

After performing for years in various different bands and musical acts, Josh Begbie moved in with a close, life-long friend and musical collaborator of his. Over the six, broke months that he lived there, Begbie worked on creating his first release ‘Riddles’. Although only spanning across three tracks the EP manages to be deeply personal, which is to be expected as it was created solely by himself and in isolation.

The door is opened into Begbie‘s world with the nonchalant ‘Bottles On The Floor’ a dizzying psych track about the contemplation on the use of psychedelics as a route to self-growth.

The atmosphere across the three tracks is one of unease, not knowing what is coming next. It is this sense of dread portrayed through Begbie’s music that keeps you hanging on, this is particularly evident in the harrowing closing track ‘Harm’.

‘Riddles’ is an impressive debut that has us hanging on to see what is to come next, we’re hoping for a LP but only time will tell what is to come, either way it is a fantastic start from the emerging artist.

Listen to ‘Riddles’ here: