Live Review | Haunt The Woods @ Whiskers, Newquay

By Kieran Webber

There are few bands that can create such a wide soundscape and yet still remain heavily doused in folk but Haunt The Woods are not like most bands, what I heard on Wednesday at Whiskers was something special and something unique.

With no support in place it was up to them to tame their audience to their will and to silence the loud mutterings across the bar and although it took a couple of songs for this to be achieved, once their dominance was in place there was no stopping them.



From beginning to end you were subject to an array of beautiful harmonies combined with spellbinding guitar work from Phoenix Elleschild who in between the tranquility would burst into flames showcasing his impressive range. In fact every artist at one point boasts his ability through the set, particularly the cool and collected (although somewhat mumbly) frontman Jonathan Stafford whose vocals are an untamed beast that can flutter between high and low with masterful ease.


Put simply Haunt The Woods put on an emotive yet wholesomely entertaining show that not just showcased their talent as a band but boasted it, setting them apart from their peers.

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