The Trainspotting 2 Trailer Has Finally Arrived And Yes It Looks Amazing

By Luigi Sibona

Here it is – twenty years on; Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie are back with national hero, Danny Boyle at the helm. Making a two decade on follow up to the most important Brit film of this generation bar none, that doesn’t feel cynical would be some mean feat. On account of the first full trailer, Danny and the boys are pulling out all the stops for a return to the vibrant, drug fuelled, pop culture odyssey that made the original such a head-spinning classic.

Though Irvine Welsh’s original novel was sequelized a few years back in Porno, with some of the returners getting mucked up in the adult industry, Boyle takes a different tack. Seeing the brief reunions glimpsed in the trailer alone inspire frenzied excitement and paired with the shadow of Trainspotting’s iconic closing track, Underworld’s Born Slippy, its genuine heart-in-mouth nostalgia.

This isn’t some lazy retread though; Anthony Dod Mantle’s searing cinematography is already threatening to explode off the screen and the use of Wolf Alice’s silk is perfect – at once ethereal, current and hopeful. With the original boasting one of the best soundtracks to hit the silver screen it seems T2 won’t fall short in the music department.

But really, it’s all about that speech – ‘choose life’. With a blistering assault fronted by Renton sacking social media, zero hour contracts and reality TV we’re confronted with the notion Trainspotting is as relevant now as it ever was. We’re calling it now, the ‘be addicted’ speech will still be quoted in another twenty years.             

Who’d have thought this was a good idea? It could have come across so tacky and disingenuous. Now confronted with this statement of intent, how could we have had any misgivings…    

If there is still any modicums of doubt in your mind just remember the simple fact – Danny Boyle doesn’t make bad films. Colour us vociferously, ecstatically excited for this particular heady trip down memory lane and beyond. 



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