Review | Trash Gendar – Once, Child


Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The Brooklyn, NY based band Trash Gendar released their second EP ‘Once, Child’ in September and although this was a couple of months back we can’t help feeling the need to put a review out there.

Trash Gendar are like few artists, their music is something of a rare treat unique and precious gem if you will. There splendid mix of psych, prog rock and dream pop is something to be adored.

The four track EP manages to put so much into such a short amount of time that leaves you lusting for more, from opening track ‘Birdwatchers’ an infectious indie track with layers of alt rock to the catalytic closer ‘Nosedive Routine’ which has an emotive build up similar to the likes of Explosions In The Sky.

Across the EP you are subjected to an array of emotive and well crafted body of music that with each listen gives you something new and remains fresh, we will be keeping our eye on this band and you should too.

Listen to ‘Once,Child’ here: