Live Review | Death Grips @ The Roundhouse, London

By Alpesh Patel

You reach a certain age and you feel like you just can’t hack standing at a gig anymore. Yeah, I reached that age. Let me set the scene, met up with my friend in Camden on Halloween (ref 2spook4me) the queue was around the block…. For the Halloween shop, and, I thought it would be good to go and see Death Grips live. For those who don’t know who Death Grips are, the needle drop reference them as ‘abrasive ear candy’ which I wholeheartedly agree with. Their new album ‘Bottomless Pit’ dropped earlier this year and it’s probably some of their best work.

After munching down some gentrified chicken (fancy fried chicken) we headed to the roundhouse. I was excited, this being the first time I had a seat at a gig and I was finally seeing a band I had heard so much about. I was curious to try and work out the sort of crowd who likes Death Grips, usually you can tell. I can honestly say there was no obvious hypebeast or hipster image associated with the attendees. I thought this was impressive considering the band. Death Grips are notorious for leaving their fans in the dark and sometimes not turning up to gigs. So, there I was sat and waiting in anticipation.

Death Grips themselves came on stage in suits, a reference perhaps to how bands ‘back in the day’ would play their live shows. They opened with ‘Hot Head’ from their new album. MC Ride in full force, the band ready to tear the roof off. That they did, I haven’t been to a show that live in a while watching from above it was circles of pits. Shoes, shirts, and phones flying around the crowd. Highlights for me include ‘3 Bedrooms in A Bad Neighbourhood into Lord of the Game’. The band themselves felt like a tight unit. Of course, this being a band described as ‘a bludgeoning slab of hostility’  there was no thanking the crowd, no encore and no merch. They came, they played, they conquered. Unrelenting, no mercy, for a full 90 mins.

I can honestly say after about 7 years of not seeing anything too heavy that this was genuinely great. The band were unbelievably tight and the crowd were up for it. Would definitely see them again but would they turn up, who knows.