Review | Honey Lung – Kind Of Alone EP


Out now via RYP Recordings

Rating: 7/10

By Ross Jones

If hearing the sort of early 90s grunge that your older brother would listen to makes you want to dig out your walkman, dust your flannel shirt from the wardrobe off and grow out your hair – then Honey Lung will dig straight into your ears and sit there through the fair phase. But they don’t just appeal to the mid-thirties nostalgist – the London trio have a tight grip on the productive finish that heralds such a modern touch on their first EP ‘Kind of Alone’.

While the dusty categorisation probably won’t go away anytime soon, the band can be pleased to know that it won’t be due to their work on this release. The EP is littered with hooks, pristine in finish yet still ratty and riotous – ‘End of Time’ takes the three-chord tradition and makes it simply sound rejuvenated again – pure pop in muddy hands. They mould the quirky self-depreciation of mid-80s indie and pour it into that darker template – creating something obviously cynical but surprisingly upbeat.

Whats most noticeable is the group’s unashamed confidence in their sound. You can hear frontman Jamie Batten swaying as he ploughs through another hook – droning through his noted suspicions in existence on ‘Dirt’ – and the band managing to sound like a tight cog in the process. It’s their unity as a group thats worth most, a developed ability to write huge tracks and ensuring they get the most from them.

In consideration of whats in front of us alone, Honey Lung have delivered a compulsive record that will entice fans of the more melodious, simple side of indie rock. What will be interesting is if they continue to explore such avenues and broaden their horizons for an impactful first full-length.