Live Review | Flume @ Alexandra Palace, London

By Jonny Dawson

A flume is a channel of water sometimes used to transport loads. You can see likeness in his work. He is the flow, taking the crowd where he wants them and directing energy with every twist and turn. The Aussie DJ shattered expectations after a four-year absence from the capital. Just two dates in the UK before he continues his world tour in his homeland, the legend that is Flume really put on a show for fans at a venue none other than the Alexandra Palace.

The support acts that night, unfortunately, did not. The first DJ did his part by keeping things tasty for a growing crowd. But it was perhaps a lack of confidence which prevented him from interacting with the masses. The penultimate act was a polar opposite. They were loud, but took things in another direction when it came to holding the energy and building on it. Their vocalist is a talent that is clearly wasted on poorly crafted songs regarding a certain ice cream dessert. Bonzai, as they are known, did however elicit roars from the fans eager to witness Flume and made great use of the limelight to promote themselves.

Down go the lights, in comes the man himself. The now-packed palace hall has gone from ice-box to sweat-box as he drops his new album’s opening track ‘Helix’. People have come from all over to see Flume perform, and perform he does. The visual display is on point. Neon cubes suspended from the ceiling flicker and dance as mesmerising visual animations are cast behind him. He builds the energy through his set choice with the recent ‘Never Be Like You’ being gratefully accepted. The popular collaborations with the likes of Lorde and Tove Lo are received immensely well, proof that the young talent is innovating and reaching a wider audience than ever before. It now comes close to the end. Everyone is in their element, singing along to their favourite tracks when he delivers some welcomed bass with ‘Innocence’.

By the end of the night, the place is crawling with Australian fans like spiders in the outback. A huge portion of his fan base supporting a fellow countryman. Flume has left everyone in attendance with a stunning performance and a warm fuzzy feeling that leaves them unfazed by the bitter winter damp that waits for them outside. As he goes from strength to strength, we will be following this lad as he is sure to lay another golden egg for us all to marvel at.