Song Of The Week | Mind Rays – Still & All

By Kieran Webber

Song Of The Week comes cascading out of Belgium this week by the garage-punk quartet Mind Rays. They recently signed with PNKSLM, announced an upcoming debut LP ‘Nerve Endings’ and shared the energetic and ferocious ‘Still & All’.

The track is the embodiment of everything that is good about garage rock and punk, fused together it has created a gigantic sound that is layered in fuzzed out riffs and snarling vocals.

Listen here:

Album artwork & Tracklist


1. Still & All
2. Follow Suit
3. Radiate
4. The Ropes
5. Trespass
6. Dulling Senses
7. Demuie
8. Like Flies
9. Sunbreak
10. We See

‘Nerve Endings’ will be available March 24th via PNKSLM Recordings.