Review | The Dead South – Illusion & Doubt


Out now

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The Dead South are a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada whose electric blend of bluegrass and folk creates a foot stomping endeavour that can be enjoyed by all. Their latest release ‘Illusion & Doubt’ is a collection of upbeat banjo belters backed by a triad of acoustic guitars and cello that can be enjoyed sat down in your wicker chair or at a hoedown.

The most notable part of the album is the energy that they create an harness particularly in the banjo heavy ‘Every Man Needs A Chew’, a track complimented by the gypsy breakdown. Other notably energetic tracks are ‘Dead Man’s isle’, ‘Smootchin’ In The Ditch’ and ‘Miss Mary’ all of which also boasts Nate Hilts vocals.

However, it’s not all explosive energy halfway through you are offered some respite, a place of rest if you will as tracks such as ‘Good Lord’ and ‘Delirium’-This track in particular deserves a special mention due to it’s intricate pluckings of the banjo and guitar that are beautifully layered.

Across ‘Illusion & Doubt’ you are subject to a gun slinging adventure that is filled with tales of woe, excitement and love all of which are backed by ferocious pluckings of the banjo, gravelly vocals and beautiful layers of acoustic guitar.