Winter Walks | Porthleven, Cornwall

Words & Images | Kieran Webber

Life in Cornwall can be dull, boring and bleak especially for teenagers and young adults. The lack of jobs, funding and public services is the laughing stock of the rest of country so one has to ask what brings people down here and why do people stay? As someone that was raised here I could give you a thousand reasons to as why (even after graduating University) but the one that stands out has to be the impressive beauty that this county has to offer. The diverse beauty that ranges from mesmerizing moors, idyllic fishing towns and ancient woods is something that is hard to find anywhere else in the country.


Like many others my winters consist of going on walks in a variety of locations around the┬ácounty and I am always on the search for an area of natural beauty to take my breath away. Our first documented trip was a sunny but blistery evening in the stunning fishing town of Porthleven. The town is known for its deep rooted history in fishing and for being home to one of Cornwall’s (if not the whole UK) sought after wave.

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