Top 5 | Winter Surfing Essentials

By Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

In case you hadn’t realised, surfing in the winter can be tough. Yet for some reason, that doesn’t put us off.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of essentials to help make your winter surfing season as enjoyable as possible. Or at the very least, help you get to when it’s actually light after 6 o clock!

Checking the Surf


hoax-since-hoodieHoax Ruskin Sherpa Hoodie (£55.00)

Let’s get one thing straight, there is no way you can surf in the winter without checking the waves first. Those summer days where you throw your wettie on and head in no matter what, are long gone. This hoodie from Hoax¬†is perfect for a winter surf, with it’s super soft brushed fleece and an inside zip at the hem to aid drying. So get the hood up, stand on top of the cliffs and try and convince yourself that it ‘might not be as cold as it looks out there’.


Getting Changed 


dryrobe3Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve

Getting changed in the car park is okay when you’re sliding into a summer wetsuit with your golden tan and no cares in the world. Trying to get into your wetsuit with the gales blowing and your pale legs turning blue is not so fun. Get yourself into a Dryrobe and at you’ll at least be able to get changed in comfort and warmth. It’s even better when you’re back to your car with little to no feeling in your hands. Feeling like you’re being cuddled by a Poodle is enough to make anyone feel better.


Drying your Wetsuit 

vb573544_wetsuit_hanger_black-02Finisterre + Dritek Wetsuit Hanger

Whether your wetsuit is dry or wet is enough to decide whether you actually go in or not during the winter. The key to getting your wetsuit dry is in the hanging and you’ll do well to find better than this thing of beauty from Finisterre. In collaboration with Dritek, this hanger offers all of the key benefits, such as reducing shoulder stretch, as well as the innovative design to allow for easier use when you’ve lost all feeling in your hands. It’s also made from recycled plastics too so it’s a win, win.


In-between Sessions

stormrider-guide-2The World Stormrider Guide (£24.95)

If you are surfing in the UK in the winter, you are going to experience plenty of sitting and waiting for the winds to drop – it can sometimes feel like you haven’t been in for a month. Why not get hold of the famous Stormrider Guide and spend some time planning your next trip? If you put the book right up to your face you might even be able to convince yourself you’re actually in some warmer climate. Even if you don’t actually go on a trip, this book will at least make you sound cool in front of your friends.


Alternative Option

swifties-beer-2Swifties Beer

If all else fails you could just decide that instead of actually surfing in the winter, you’d rather just sit in the pub with a nice bottle of Swifties¬†and tell anyone that listens how good a surfer you are. Not only do Swifties produce a genuinely lovely drink, they also happen to have an amazing attitude towards their work. As they describe: “We chose to brew a beer that reflects the laidback Cornish lifestyle, good times with friends and not taking ourselves too seriously.” Cheers to that!