New Music | Cannibal Animal – Grand Theft Manual

By Alex Platt

‘Grand Theft Manual’, the latest single from Hull based three-piece Cannibal Animal, is a spooky heavy hitting blast of fuzzy anarchic post-punk. The opening guitar notes sound like the wails and warbling of a vengeful ghost before being undercut by a heavy blast of bass and drums. The song is high-paced and vicious, with the drums kicking in like Frankenstein’s heavy footsteps to create a pounding rhythm. Those guitars don’t give up either, following you as you race through this haunted house of a track, trying to survive until the first light of morning. The vocals nicely dust off the song, with a 60’s garage revivalist fuzzy reverb effect layered over them. When the anguished yelps of the chorus kick in, it creates a real payoff.

Listen to ‘Grand Theft Manual’ here:

Cannibal Animal’s upcoming EP ‘Human Manuals’ can be pre ordered here:



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