Review | The Velvet Ants – Backlight Press


Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 9/10

By Craig Bracefield
Jumping right into the album when it downloaded, I immediately thought of a time when I was much younger and sported a well known Kiwi hair style (long on top with an undercut) reminiscent of the Chilli Peppers back in the early 90’s.
Memories came flooding back like a trip in a time machine, when Dinosaur Jr was thumping out of the speakers and alternative radio stations were rife.
The Velvet Ants have collated all their songs from early 2000 till now and provided us with a musical journey through time, Guitar and drums coming together with smooth and distinctive vocals.
Hailing from Boston, USA they are Ian Margolycz, Bing Quiogue and track 3 – ‘Nothing’ sums up the album, head nodding and foot tappingly brilliant, there is even the possibility of a rock pout.
Each and every track maintains the momentum of the last, it’s flawless. If your playlist looks like Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Tom Petty and Dinosaur Jr then I would strongly recommend The Velvet Ants joining the mix. ‘Backlight Press’ is 33 minutes of time machine that even Dr Emmett Brown would be proud of.