Video | Mick Fanning | Irish Crossroads

By Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

There’s always a new edit dropping somewhere on the internet, but when you see that it’s Mick Fanning, you take notice.

When you see that it’s a video from his time in Ireland, you really take notice.

Fanning has been enjoying a year (maybe more) away from competing full-time on the World Surf League and recently took a trip to Ireland.

Having visited once before but never surfed, Fanning saw the charts and decided the time was right to head back.

The video features some epic Irish pits, with a commentary of Mick discussing his thoughts about his time away from competition.

There’s also a cameo from Irish ripper Gearoid McDaid, a Rip Curl teammate of Fanning, in which he effortlessly threads through a couple of long left-hand barrels.



Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

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