Sunday Viewing | Reubyn Ash | Shark lips

By Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

It’s Sunday evening and whilst facing the prospect of the week ahead, take a couple of minutes to enjoy a new edit from Reubyn Ash.

‘Shark lips’ manages to showcase the immense power in Reubyn’s surfing, whilst maintaining a really relaxed vibe throughout the edit.

Filmed on a January trip to Bali, Reubyn describes how the clip came together: “Whilst having an relaxing surf trip for a couple of weeks with my brother and sister this January. I got a few surf clips from a renowned sharky river mouth. On arrival we noticed how quite the lineup was which suited us down too the ground but there was always the thought of mr Sharky at the back of our minds.”

The great surfing, tight edit and really cool soundtrack make this the perfect Sunday viewing: