Introducing | KOYO

By Kieran Webber

Today we introduce you to the Leeds based KOYO which consists of Huw Edwards (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Price (sampling, synthesisers), Seb Knee-Wright (guitars), Dan Comlay (bass) and Tom Higham (drums). The band was initially started by Huw and Jacob whos love of 90’s grunge and alt rock bought them together.

Upon moving to leads the band started listening to more post-rock and electronica such as Floating Points and Mogwai, this new found ambient infuence paired with their grunge roots was the driving force behind the decision to become a five piece.

This year the completed line up will release their debut LP which will partner psychedelic and prog-rock with an electronic soundscape, drawing infuence from the likes of Pink Floyd and Boards Of Canada.

Their debut single ‘Tetrachromat’ is an insight of what to expect from the young band, a beautiful dance between old and new that infuses a wide and diverse soundscape.

Listen to ‘Tetrachromat’ here:


Kieran Webber

Journalism graduate based in Newquay, Cornwall. My project Clunk Magazine covers surf, Music, Art, skate and Lifestyle. In time we hope to integrate with as many artistic and creative people as possible making an online hub for creativeness, surfing and lifestyle, something I feel that accompanies the other.

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