Video | Mick Fanning | Ain’t No Wave Pool

By Jay Vilarrubi-Smith

After a few teasing clips and pictures we knew this video was coming. Now we’ve been given the full edit, this wave is even more unbelievable then we could have possibly imagined.

Mick Fanning is basically living the dream since he toned down his competitive obsession. We had his cool trip to Ireland a couple of weeks ago and now the latest instalment from Ripcurl’s ‘The Search’ just proves what an amazing time he is having.

‘Ain’t No Wave Pool’ features Fanning surfing an undisclosed right-hander which has reportedly only ever been surfed by three other people.

Named ‘The Snake’ Fanning explained to Ripcurl that it wasn’t an easy wave to ride: “I was pumping through the tube just going peddle to the metal and I couldn’t make one. And then I got my groove on and sometimes I was on the foam ball flying; and other times just when I thought I would stall it hit the bank and took off and I would have to go top gear again to keep up.”  

Wherever this is on the planet, there’s surely no better surfer than Mick Fanning to showcase it to the world: