Interview | Jordan Allen

Words & Interview:  Rocky Poole | Images: Ashton Wadey (Ape House Media)

Clunk Magazine met up with the explosive indie-rock band Jordan Allen before their energetic Plymouth show and it didn’t take long after meeting Jordan and the band: Kieran, Nathan and Danny that they have infinite energy and a northern soul you can’t help but love!

CLUNK: So guys, we’ve got to ask the obvious! How did you guys meet? Where? How?

Jordan: Well Danny and I have been together for 2 years now… No in all seriousness though, we’re all just 4 individuals who have totally unique styles who’ve come together to form as one really. I was an acoustic artist who got together a band and after a year of gigging we became signed by Brondt Music Company. We formed after a year or so. In fact Kieran used to cut my hair, and who’d have thought we’d be here now as a band!

“Kieran used to cut my hair, and who’d have thought we’d be here now as a band!”

CLUNK: So looking at your gigs, as oppose to your bromance – In your performances, do you have a message you want to portray?

Jordan: ‘LIVING THE VIDA BOLTON!’ That’s our message. We’re basically just biggin’ up Bolton, giving it something’ – There’s not a huge music scene in Bolton so we want to give it life after Bolton’s music scene has died a death!

CLUNK: Who are your influences?

Jordan: I went through a heavy garage phase… but I love the 60’s, punk, Bowie… The Strokes. Danny’s done a few Ed Sheeran covers so throw some Ed in there too! We all have our own influences that somehow combine and we all bring something different to the band, that’s the beauty of 4 individuals…

Kieran: I’m a huge metal head…

“We all have our own influences that somehow combine and we all bring something different to the band, that’s the beauty of 4 individuals”

CLUNK: Looking back on your first gigs, how do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist?

Jordan: Scarily! If I’m honest, I’ve come a long way… Even the song writing! I can play guitar now! We do feel as a band we’ve matured over the last 6 months, maybe that’s age? We found that our original songs were based primarily around the stereotypical style, mainly about girls and teenage life and over time we’ve matured in a huge way. We went down to the Peter Gabriel studio in Bath and worked with Steve Osbourne who produced the first Happy Monday’s album, that was a huge motivation and influence. I think working with producers is what really helps me, and as a band especially, progress.

CLUNK: Have you guys ever found inspiration for a song in a bizarre surrounding, have you ever found motivation in a random situation?

Jordan: It’s usually on the toilet… or walking the dog…

Nathan: I think it’s safe to say it’s general observations, we do a lot of observing to say the least!

Kieran: Oh wow! There was that one time, we were all camping and Jordan simply took 5 to turn to his phone and appeared to be just being totally antisocial as he texted away but then it became apparent as he kind of’ hummed to himself, he was jotting down in the notes section of his phone inspiration for a song from his surroundings. The whole atmosphere, camping, beers, the evening itself was turning into lyrics soon to be incorporated to a song, it’s a little magical really. He then turned back and joined the conversation as if nothing had happened. It is cool.

CLUNK: We’re all dying to know, how do you all wind down after a show?

Jordan: SPOONS! In all seriousness, though, we all love rum. A few rums is our wind down. There’s a lot we can’t disclose of course!

“We’re northern blokes, we love a good pub”

CLUNK: So when you’re not performing, where will we find you all?

Nathan: SPOONS! A pub. We’re northern blokes, we love a good pub.

JordanAmsterdam! And I’ve already checked, there are no wetherspoons in Amsterdam!

CLUNK: We have to ask the all-important question, what are your upcoming plans? What can we as fans look forward to seeing from Jordan Allen and the band?

Jordan: A lot of exciting stuff’! It’s all very exciting with some exciting prospects to come. We’re hoping to do more festivals and really branch out. The album’s nearly out, so that’s the next step. The tour’s going really well but we want to explore more and really get out there, living the vida’ Bolton in a big way!