Review | Brutus – Burst


Out now via Hassle Records

Rating: 7.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The Belgian three piece Brutus are a strange brew consisting of many different flavours, dancing between punk, post-rock, math rock, alt-rock and even some black metal elements. The one thing that is consistent with their music though is how fucking loud and powerful it is. It blows me away to think that Stefanie Mannaerts, the bands vocalist and drummer can produce so much power from her lungs whilst smashing the shit out of her kit like she does.

The key part to Brutus‘ music is their power, their are few bands who can contain and control the sheer amount of volume they have and make it listenable. Through ‘Burst’ you are exposed to a hefty barrage of intricate riffs, thumping percussion and passionate growls.

Opening track ‘March’ is a semi-instrumental leviathan of a track that is layered in intricate riffs and mighty percussion. This is followed by the energetic ‘All Along’, a track layered in passion with the vocals stretching ¬†so hard that they start to crackle. This passion can also be heard in¬†‘Drive’ another impeccably destructive track that sees Stefanie throw herself into the music, pushing her vocals to the absolute max. It is also worth mentioning the pure natural talent the bands guitarist¬†Stijn Vanhoegaerden has when it comes to constructing layered riffs with intricate pluckings, this is particularly heard in ‘Crack/Waste’, boasting the bands math rock elements.

For a band that started off as a homage band to hardcore legends The Refused, they have come a long way with their debut release ‘Burst’. The album infuses element from a variety of rock sub genres and mashes them together to make their own recognisable sound.