Review | The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

Rating: 8/10

By Rocky Poole

Indie Rock pioneers The Pigeon Detectives have made another blast through our speakers with their brand new album: ‘Broken Glances’. After forming as a band back in 2002, from Rothwell in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the guys made their first steps in the music industry and have been soaring ever since. ‘Broken Glances’ really is a documentary of the decade and full of twists and turns, taking us all on a wild ride through means of sound. Quoted by the Pigeons themselves, the album is ‘excitingly unapologetic’, it’s purely from the soul, an exploration of their own unique emotions let wild and free.

‘Sounding the alarm’ is a twist on the band’s usual style, showing a minimalistic and experimental side to the band. It appears to be that they are really branching out and never fail to throw something brand new our way. With a catchy beat that fails to leave your feet still and a somewhat poppy’ and punchy’ style to this song, you’re left itching to move, especially when the chorus hits and the bands true edge becomes apparent.

This album has its own message and will mean very different things to each and every person. However, to me, this album is spewing with energy that appears to have been bottled until now. Heads and ears are turned and our senses brought alive when the song ‘Lose control’ is played, as this song, to me personally, is simply self-explanatory. It truly does enable us to lose control. “There’s a devil inside of me and I need to let you know” – This lyric portrays the Pigeons message in a simply magical way. Music really is a way of escapism and expression. Interpret the lyric how you like but to me, the Pigeons carefully express themselves throughout the album, giving fans an insight to their world.

‘Broken Glances’ in many ways is an album that will take you on your own journey, allowing you to fully let yourself go and unleash inner emotions you most likely never knew you had. Losing control and letting go are just a few of the many attributes the band portrays to listeners.

I dare you, have a listen, dive into their sound and escape society into a wild and vibrant roller-coaster of sound. The ride is bumpy and raw but it’s oh’ so worth it.