This Video Shows Why Blackwake Is So Much Fun

By Kieran Webber

Do you often feel you would be better off hoisting the sails, swabbing the decks or being a swashbuckler? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to sail the high seas during 17th Century? Well wonder no more with the early-access game Blackwake a naval FPS that allows you to command a vessel (either pirate or Navy) or be a powder monkey. What ever way you wish to play this game it is bloody good fun, from the tactile fighting to the monty python esque voice acting.

As you can imagine a game such as this will bring forward a lot of role playing some series and some downright hillarious, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman that made this already fantastic experiance that bit more special. This video boasts how much fun this game can be, especially with a captain at the helm with this much panache.


Kieran Webber

Journalism graduate based in Newquay, Cornwall. My project Clunk Magazine covers surf, Music, Art, skate and Lifestyle. In time we hope to integrate with as many artistic and creative people as possible making an online hub for creativeness, surfing and lifestyle, something I feel that accompanies the other.

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