Interview | Valis Ablaze

By Sam Lawson

I got the opportunity to have a discussion with the members of Valis Ablaze the day after they supported TesseracT in Plymouth. I asked some questions and they gave me some answers, who’d have thunk it?

Heeeeeeeeeeere we go.

The band have played some high profile shows in the last 8 months as I said, I wanted to see how that had positively affected the band and what the next step was:

Phil (Vocals) : “It’s great hearing from people at our shows or on social media that they only just discovered us and are blown away, then go on to buy our EP, follow us on all our social media channels and share our music with their friends. I guess the next step is to be main support on big band tours as well as possibly headline tours and playing shows and festivals further afield.” 

Valis Ablaze released their newest EP ‘Insularity’ (Phil’s vocal debut) to a very warm welcome from the UK scene, I asked the band why they thought the music resonated with people like it did:

Phil: “I think the change in lineup/sound and overall band image has been the major factor in this. We now look and sound more professional overall and I think fans and people in the industry are really starting to see this.The Insularity EP, to me, is a musical stepping stone between old Valis and new Valis, so the aspects of Insularity that people love will be taken far further with a new album, which is in planning now.”

I was really interested to know what artist the guys were influenced by on their latest release and generally speaking that their fans would likely be shocked to find out about:

Rich (Drums) : “The most shocking or surprising influences for us would be the electronic/synth influences that we pull on. These would include The Black Queen, Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor is a musical genius) and GunShip. Another big inspiration would be film music and composers. Last year I saw Hans Zimmer as well as Danny Elfman who performed Nightmare Before Christmas and the Hollywood Bowl on Halloween – that was truly amazing.”

Lastly, I asked if they had some info about immediate plans and where you can find the band:

Ash (Guitarist) : “Physically, we try to go to local shows and network, we’ll hang out at our merch stand after the set and people can find us anywhere online. We’ve really optimised our digital presence to be as easy to discover as possible. Our immediate plans are to capitalise on all the new faces we play to at most shows. Getting people to remember to check give us a listen when they’re home from seeing us. But from an industry standpoint, we are looking to present more private plans to EU promoters to secure more shows for the rest of the year and early 2018.”

Be sure to check out Valis Ablaze on social media, they can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. Their music is available at all good digital retailers and hopefully we’re going to see some CD and vinyl pressed later this year but that can’t be confirmed least of all by me. Here is their latest EP, give it a listen! For fans of: TesseracT, Periphery, Monuments, Northlane and more.