Live Review | Vodun @ Trinity Centre, Bristol

By Adam Bundy

Voden are a three piece band who mix pretty much everything together moving through all genres but having their foot firmly placed in Doom metal. There is only one word to describe Voden…. Crazy! They are actually insane. I was a bit apprehensive to see the band as I honestly wasn’t really into their recorded music, I found it was a good attempt at something new but didn’t work, yet. However, played live it comes together and really works.

Each individual member of the band represents a different element/god and I really got that, the 3 members in the band could be in different bands when you see them play, but it keeps the audience interested and engaged. The guitarist is some kind of wizard, he plays through both a guitar and a bass amps as they don’t have a bass player, which is odd for this style of music as they usually rely on a heavy bass part.

One could be misunderstood at times to think Voden have a backing audio track, but they didn’t; I asked the guitarist! The guitarist controls the instrumental parts of the band, he loops second guitar parts, lays the bass down just really is a great instrumentalist. The drummer is really powerful, the crash could of done with more emphasis, but that wasn’t through her lack of trying, I think that was the mixers fault! But the drums where still heavy and her energy was great, a real joy to see this feminine warrior hitting the shit out of some drums. The lead singer singer was just amazing, she captures you for the whole gig, visually she looks amazing, vocally she has a voice of a freaking angel and hits every note flawlessly, I honestly think I maybe in love, she just was amazing.

I really appreciate this band, and you should to, for me, they have bought together 2 things I love, and I never thought I would be able to get in metal/ hard rock, I was worried seeing the 2 styles of music clash, but ironically the best parts of the gig where when the guitarist was growling down the mic, and the singer was hitting those insane notes! It was magic, you haven’t heard it unless you’ve seen these guys, they weren’t cheesy like power metal, it wasn’t some guy trying to pretend, these guys from my understanding where authentic. I think they are going to be big, once they click into the scene they are going to take off, I can really see these guys being up there with the likes of Turisas, Alestorm etc. My advice, watch them now before they get too big, I can’t describe how good they where, I’ve tried but I haven’t done them justice, just go see them!