How I Deal With My Anxiety

By Kieran Webber

We are finally moving to an age where we can talk about our mental health which is of course fantastic, but there is still a misconception to what mental health is and how it affects everyday people. Mental health issues come in a dizzying number of ways and can affect us at any point in our life, I myself have been living with anxiety and for the past 6 years (probably more) and over my time with it I have learnt how to deal with it on a daily basis.

I wanted to write this article to hopefully help others deal with their anxiety day to day, these little tricks that I have developed over time have helped me get through my days good and bad and I hope that they can help you. Of course it is important to remember that everyone is different and this list is by no means a sure fire way to ease your anxiety, however I hope that those of you struggling can read it and hopefully find some inspiration.

Always Carry A Bottle Of Water

A lot of my anxiety comes from choking or not breathing, so I always make sure that I am carrying a bottle of water so when I can feel the panic rush through my body when I miss a swallow or am in a state of overthinking I breathe and take a sip and it normally relaxes me instantly.

Always Have Your Phone Charged And On Your Person

This one kind of goes without saying in general and most of us in today’s modern society are attached to our phones anyways. For me my phone is a bit of a lifeline, if I am feeling nervous or simply wish for a distraction then I will phone someone up or go on messenger to chat to friends. This moment’s distraction from my surroundings again helps me gather my thoughts and rationalise the panic that I feel. I also have great comfort in knowing that if something happens my parents or friends are but a phone call away.


When I was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression I snubbed the idea that meditation could help me but begrudgingly I gave it a go and you know what? It really did help! After a month of meditation I felt calmer, and more at peace of with myself which in turn aided in me being more calm in the outside world. It has also helped me with breathing techniques so if a panic attack does strike I know how to breath my way out of it.

Play Video Games

For as long as I can remember I have always played video games, my first console being the Playstation. It wasn’t until more recently I realized how healing they were to me, the distraction that they provide is one of great importance to me as an adult. After a long day I come home and boot up the PC and I am transported into a world that is not my own, for a short time I don’t need to worry about anything I simply get to enjoy the visual treat.

Success Is Everywhere

The fact you woke up and left the bed this morning is a success, the fact you managed to take that phone call means that today was a success, everday is a success and there is never a day that you fail. This takes a long time to sit in your mind, and many of you for a long time will be doubting yourself or punishing yourself for not doing the simplest of tasks. Stop it and find success everywhere particularly the little things, everday is a success and you will get through it.