Single Review | Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’

By Alex Platt

How much beauty is too much? Is there even such a thing as too much beauty? The video of the man discovering the absolute pure joy in witnessing a double rainbow in the sky; that’s a pretty high level of beauty. But can we truly define beauty? Surely, it’s subjective, based entirely on the individual that’s viewing the beauty in question? Right?


Beauty is every single piece of music Cigarettes After Sex has ever, and will ever, put out. That’s it. There’s no debate, there’s no subjectivity. It is nothing but pure, unequivocal fact. You need some evidence? Go and buy a Spotify premium account and spend an entire evening listening to their latest single ‘Every Time You Fall In Love’. You need MORE evidence?? Listen to everything else they’ve ever put out. It won’t take long, it’s only about 8 songs so far (including a dreamy cover of REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You). Are you doing it right now? Come on! Chop chop!

‘Every Time You Fall In Love’ in the latest single from the bands upcoming, self-titled debut album (out on the 9th June, put it in your calendars!). It features the same mix of echoing ambient guitar work combined with a sultry synth line perfect for a hot summers night in bed with all the windows closed. A slowly rambling bass riff and the steady war march of a drum beat round off the sound that CAS are known for, but the lyrics on this song are different from previous releases. Most of CAS’s songs are, in my opinion, hopeful odes to love and relationships and romance. The lyrics in this however, are more judgemental, more spiteful. I almost feel like I’m being told off while I’m listening to it. It’s a lament to the risks of falling in love too fast, or not falling in love deeply enough. Vocalist Greg Gonzalez’s voice is as gorgeously crooning as usual, but there’s an undercurrent of tension that gives real depth to the band and marks a nice shift in theme from the loves songs they’ve put out so far. The fact that it still sounds like a love song really pushes the lyrics home. It might be sceptical, but there is still that glimmer of hope. It makes me very VERY excited for the direction the album will go in, and I can’t wait to cleanse my unclean soul and wash away my sins in when it’s finally realised and I am finally engulfed in pure bliss.

Listen to ‘Every Time You Fall In Love’ here:

UK Tour Dates: 

Nov 12 – England, Nottingham – Rock City
Nov 13 – England, Leeds – Stylus
Nov 14 – Scotland, Glasgow – QMU
Nov 19 – England, Manchester – Ritz
Nov 20 – England, London – Roundhouse