Review | A Giant Dog – TOY


Out now via Merge Records

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

A Giant Dog first caught my ear with their third LP ‘Pile’ which was a bombastic collection of punk rock explosiveness that was seething in relentless energy. Since then I have been eagerly awaiting their next release and finally not but a year later the band dropped their fourth LP ‘TOY’. One thing that always stood out for me with this band is the lyrical content from Sabrina (vox) and Andrew (guitar/vox), it is so deeply personal, providing a depreciating insight into their biggest fears, worries and fuck ups. Yet the way they portray their stories is done in a way that remains fun, at no point do you feel overcumbed by the deep emotive content. Their latest release is no exception of this and the bands brutal honesty still stands out throughout the album as does the fiery punk elements.

From the beach-rock inspired opener ‘Get Away’ to the hip shaking ‘Angst In My Pants’ this album is nothing but truly infectious, across the 13 tracks there are stories of woe, craziness and love all neatly bundled into a collection of inventive, tight and explosive hooks backed beautifully by Sabrina’s high pitched vocals. The standout tracks being the riff-laden ‘Tongue Tied’, the indie-rock gem ‘Making Movies’ and the fantastic ‘Photograph’ a track about getting old with the one you love.

Throughout the album the band dance between genres yet still remain true to a staple punk/70’s rock sound reminiscent of the likes of Blondie and even Mark Bolan (particularly in ‘Toy Gun’). Throughout ‘Toy’ you are treated a well rounded, tight rock ‘n’ roll machine that is as fun as it is a professional.