Interview – TesseracT

Interview: Sam Lawson | Featured Image: Jonathan Dadds

I caught up with James Monteith of TesseracT at ArcTanGent 2017 to discuss the band’s recent tour with Megadeth and Meshuggah across the United States, upcoming music and the festival itself.

CLUNK: How did touring with Megadeth differ from tours you had taken part in previously?

JM: I guess the main difference was the level of production of the whole thing. We were playing in arenas or big outdoor amphitheatres, their crew was super pro. It was just amazing to be a part of this really well oiled machine, it was a very good professional experience and it was amazing to play with a two legendary bands like that.

CLUNK: Are you quite a big fan of Megadeth?

JM: I was as a teenager, they were one of the first metal bands i’d ever listened to. I loved the era of ‘Youthanasia’, ‘Countdown To Extinction’ and ‘Peace Sells’.. ‘But Who’s Buying? ‘ Period. I thought ‘Endgame’ was really good and ‘Dystopia’ is great too. Kiko is insane, he’s phenomenal. He interprets all of the Marty Friedman stuff and it sounds just as good as Marty, he’s a next level player.

CLUNK: Last time we spoke you said that the band was possibly working on a concept record, have you decided on the theme and the general sound you want the album to have?

JM: Still not entirely sure. In terms of musical ideas, a lot of them have taken form into songs, we have a good idea of where we’re going musically. In terms of concepts, we’re still not quite there yet. We’re on that journey at the moment, we’ve got to get there by November. If we missed the deadline, I guess we will have to change all of our plans, we’re hoping to get it out early next year.

CLUNK: What are the plans for TesseracT over the next year or so?

JM: It’s sort of tentative at the moment, we need to hand the album in and then hopefully go out and tour again!

CLUNK: Are there any bands you would recommend to Clunk Magazine readers and ArcTanGent fans?

JM: The Contortionist! Their new album is phenomenal, it’s one of my albums of the year, I absolutely love it.